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About Liquid Desire

Enjoying time on Liquid Desire means enjoying remote unspoilt Sailing with your friends and family or the thrill of world class Diving on a reef teeming with colourful life. You can choose your adventure , Fishing / Windsurfing / Fitness or Kiting might be more your style,  or a combination of all activities. Liquid Desire caters for most watersports and will provide a custom charter to suit your desires. There is always the option to just relax, read a book and take it all in. Liquid Desire wants to tread lightly, and everything within the boat’s limits is done to pollute as little as possible. Loving nature, cultures, being excited at a horizon concealing new adventures is what makes your time aboard unique and memorable.   Liquid Desire operates mainly in Port Douglas / Cairns Queensland, Australia but does spend some of the season (February-May) in Brisbane/Gold Coast and offers luxury Sail Charter Adventures. If you are interested in Sail / Surf / Dive / Fish / Windsurf / Kite adventures then read on. Liquid Desire would like to enhance the way people look at the greatest natural mystery of our planet, the ocean. Liquid Desire is about getting to remote spots unspoiled by our materialistic values and ways and immersing ourselves in the freedom of a cruising lifestyle. A boat by definition is a place where everything renews itself day after day, everyday something new to do, learn, explore, see, understand and enjoy.