Building The Boat

Ideas and Sweat provided by a Father and Son start to finish.

The story behind the construction of Liquid Desire adds a wonderful layer of depth and personal connection to the yacht. The fact that it was a collaborative effort between Anthony Turner, his father Bob Turner, and other individuals like Abra, Phil, Chris, and Blocky, showcases a true labor of love and dedication. Here’s a breakdown of the remarkable aspects of this construction journey:

Handcrafted Excellence: The fact that Liquid Desire was hand built speaks volumes about the craftsmanship and dedication that went into its creation. Each plank of western red cedar being laid by hand signifies a meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality.

Father-Son Project: The involvement of both Anthony Turner and his father Bob Turner turns the construction into a heartwarming father-son project. This not only highlights the technical expertise that was involved but also adds an emotional dimension to the yacht’s creation.

Collaborative Effort: The inclusion of other individuals like Abra, Phil, Chris, and Blocky in the construction process emphasizes the sense of community and shared effort that contributed to the yacht’s realization. It becomes a collective achievement rather than a solitary endeavor.

Time and Dedication: The fact that the construction took a full three years of full-time work underscores the dedication, patience, and commitment invested in bringing Liquid Desire to life. This timeline showcases the thoroughness and attention to detail that went into every aspect of the yacht.

Farm Shed Beginning: Starting the construction in a shed on a farm on the outskirts of Warragul adds a charming touch to the story. This setting conjures up images of a rustic and humble beginning, which contrasts beautifully with the luxurious and well-appointed yacht that Liquid Desire became.
Material Selection: The use of light weight western red cedar and the subsequent epoxy glassing, 2 pack painting, and fitting out process further demonstrates the care taken to choose suitable materials and to refine every detail.

Symbol of Achievement: The completion of Liquid Desire becomes not just a yacht, but a symbol of achievement, collaboration, and the fulfillment of a shared vision. It’s a testament to the capabilities of the team involved.

This narrative of construction adds a layer of authenticity and personal connection that resonates with individuals seeking an extraordinary sailing adventure. Guests who step aboard Liquid Desire can not only appreciate its luxurious amenities and thoughtful design but also connect with the rich history and craftsmanship that brought the yacht to life.