The Details


Liquid Desire’s commitment to providing a luxurious and personalized sailing adventure experience is truly impressive. The attention to detail and focus on catering to the desires and preferences of each guest sets the stage for an exceptional journey. Here’s a breakdown of what makes Liquid Desire stand out:

Customizable Experience: The emphasis on tailoring the experience to each individual’s wishes is a key highlight. This approach ensures that guests can fully immerse themselves in activities and experiences that align with their interests and desires, creating memories that are both enjoyable and personally meaningful.

Accommodations: The flexibility in sleeping arrangements to accommodate different group sizes and preferences is a thoughtful touch. Providing comfortable accommodations with features such as ventilation, fans, reading lights, and quality linen contributes to a restful and enjoyable stay on board.

Communal Spaces: The well-designed communal areas, like the saloon, contribute to a warm and inviting atmosphere. These spaces facilitate social interactions, dining, and relaxation, enhancing the overall sense of community and connection among guests.

Culinary Experience: The focus on fresh and high-quality meals, particularly with an emphasis on seafood and healthy options, showcases a commitment to providing a top-notch culinary experience. This not only satisfies guests’ taste buds but also supports their well-being during the journey.

Communication Facilities: The provision of communication facilities like satellite phone and Internet strikes a balance between staying connected with the outside world and enjoying the tranquil surroundings. This ensures that guests have the flexibility to manage their connectivity according to their needs.

Yacht’s Design and Construction: The insight into the yacht’s design and construction process adds depth to the narrative. The collaboration between Anthony Turner’s sailing and building background and Mark Pescott’s design expertise underscores the yacht’s functionality and aesthetics. This combination of experience enhances guests’ confidence in the vessel’s quality and performance.

Expertise and Background: The expertise of the team members, including Anthony Turner, Junlan, Ari, Fry and Alex, contributes to the yacht’s credibility and the overall experience. Their sailing, snorkelling, culinary, engineering, and cruising backgrounds reflect a comprehensive understanding of what makes a sailing adventure exceptional.

All in all, Liquid Desire charters embody a well-rounded approach to luxury, comfort, personalization, and adventure. This combination of elements promises guests a unique and unforgettable journey that caters to their interests, preferences, and desire for both relaxation and exploration.

Overall, Liquid Desire offers an exceptional sailing and snorkeling experience combined with comfortable accommodation and amenities. This makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a luxurious yet eco-conscious adventure on the water.


  • The saloon / cockpit area is combined and can comfortable sit 20 people. There is a sit down table for six and a 200-lt freezer incorporated into the table.
  • State of the art galley with all the mod cons built in including, double gas cooker, double sink, fridge, coffee machine, juicer, microwave to name a few.
  • 1 x king size double
  • 2 x queen size doubles
  • 2 x singles
  • 2 x high end vacuum toilets, shower, sink
  • A 5 KVA diesel genset is on hand for the AC 240 volt needs
  • Stainless steel BBQ oven in situated on the duckboard.
  • Top of the range water maker (80 lit/ per hour) is on hand when fresh water is required.
  • Outdoor hot shower on the port rear
  •  Washing can also be done at any time with a 8 kg front loader on board
  • Selden, the world largest mast makers, provided the rig and Horizon Sails provided the sail plan.
  • Single line reefing allows for the main to be dropped and reefed from the helm. Along with the furling jib and spinnaker.
  • Quality lumar winches and hatches provide muscle and watertight integrity where required.
  • Twin 54 HP shaft drive diesel Yanmar engines push the boat along in reasonable weather at 8 to 10 knots. When under sail the folding 3 blade props tuck away to minimize drag allowing 15 to 18 knots to be achieved.
  • The aft steps were designed for easy access, getting on and off the boat a breeze.
  •  Adequate surfboard racks allow for a number of boards to be carried.
  • Slatted timber decks provide a safe platform to access the anchor area, ideal for activities including sunbaking, yoga and chilling out.
  • The runabout is a 5-metre RIB inflatable, driven by a 20 HP 4 stroke Yamaha.


LOA 15.3M
BOA 8.22M
LWL 12.9 : 1
MAST 19.2M