Sustainability on Liquid Desire


  • Environmentally Conscious Design: Liquid Desire is a cutting-edge commercial sailing yacht celebrated for its commitment to sustainability. The vessel stands out by relying solely on renewable energy sources, shunning traditional power grids entirely.
  • Solar-Powered Operation: A key feature is its exclusive reliance on solar power for both battery charging and auxiliary systems. The yacht maximizes the use of solar energy, minimizing its environmental footprint and reducing dependence on non-renewable resources.
  • Efficient Sail Catamaran: Liquid Desire boasts an efficient sail catamaran design that minimizes the need for motorized propulsion. This not only enhances the overall sailing experience but aligns with the yacht’s dedication to eco-friendly practices.
  • Marketing Emphasis on Sustainability: The marketing strategy of Liquid Desire is centred around its unwavering commitment to sustainable operations. The vessel proudly highlights its environmentally friendly initiatives, reflecting a conscious effort to attract eco-conscious clientele.
  • Environmental and Cultural Responsibility: Beyond the technical aspects, Liquid Desire integrates environmental and cultural responsibility into its ethos. The yacht actively contributes to conservation efforts, prioritizes community engagement, and aligns with climate change action.
  • Emission Reduction Practices: The yacht stands as a beacon for emission reduction in the maritime industry. By relying primarily on solar and wind power, Liquid Desire significantly curtails its carbon footprint, setting an example for sustainable practices in the marine domain. Due to the efficient design as a performance sailing Catamaran the yacht only needs small engines to push it along when the winds are light. The yacht is powered by 2 x 54 HP fuel-efficient Yanmar diesel engines that use 3 Litres of fuel per hour each. The diesel generator is uses .7 of a litre of fuel per hour and it purpose is to run the water maker converting seawater to fresh water. On an average charter, the generator will be running for less than an hour in 24 hours. We do not run air conditioners all day and all night and require constant noisy generator power and mains power. The design allows airflow to all areas of the vessel along with solar power fans to assist when the winds drop. We are a stand alone vessel. We do not have a marina berth with 240 power and water. We make our own water and power and berth on a mooring, completely independent of mains power.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption: Liquid Desire implements innovative technologies to optimize energy consumption. From LED lighting to energy-efficient fans and appliances, every aspect of the yacht is meticulously designed to minimize energy use without compromising luxury and comfort.
  • Offset Programs: The commitment to sustainability extends to offset programs, where applicable. Liquid Desire engages in initiatives that contribute to carbon offsetting, reinforcing its dedication to environmental stewardship.
  • Climate Change Action: The yacht actively participates in climate change action by implementing practices that align with global efforts to combat climate change. This includes continuous evaluation and adaptation of operations to adhere to evolving environmental standards.
  • Holistic Approach to Sustainability: Liquid Desire’s sustainability initiatives go beyond the operational sphere, encompassing a holistic approach that considers cultural and community impacts. This integrated commitment distinguishes the yacht as a responsible player in the maritime industry.
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Eco Certification – Liquid Desire Port Douglas, Carins & Great Barrier Reef

The ECO Certification program certifies tourism products (tours, accommodations, attractions) with a primary focus on nature. It assures travellers that certified products are backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high-quality nature-based tourism experiences. The ECO Certification program is a world first and it has been developed to address the need to identify genuine nature and ecotourism operators’ products.

Liquid Desire is certified through Ecotourism Australia’s world leading ecotourism certification program. This means that when you travel with us, you are supporting a business that is backed by a strong, well managed commitment to sustainable practices and provides high-quality naturebased tourism experiences. Our certification demonstrates our commitment to:

  • Looking after our natural environment
  • Offering quality interpretation and educating guests
  • Supporting and engaging our local community
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Protecting our unique wildlife and endangered species
  • Making real contributions to conservation
  • Helping to preserve Australian Indigenous cultures
  • Providing an unforgettable, high-quality guest experience


The Ecotourism Australia Certification programs are recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

Ecotourism Australia defines ecotourism as ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that foster environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation. The ECO Certification logo is a globally recognized brand that assists travellers to choose and experience a genuine and authentic tour, attraction or accommodation that is environmentally socially and economically sustainable.

By achieving Ecotourism Australia Certification status Liquid Desire joins fellow exemplary operators in terms of sustainability and provision of authentic, high-quality nature-based tourism experiences. The ECO Certification logo means that you are guaranteed to be part of a genuine and authentic nature experience that looks after the environment. The ECO Certification program assures you that certified products are backed by a commitment to sustainable practices and provide high quality nature-based tourism experiences.



Liquid Desire - Cairns, Port Douglas and Great Barrier Reef Charters